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Testimonials for chiropractic, Acupuncture and Soft Tissue Therapy Services

Read some of the testimonials below to see what others are saying about Quality Life Center's Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Soft Tissue Therapy treatments.

After my second session with Dr. Steve all of my arm issues WENT AWAY. It was like a miracle. I haven't had problems since then. I seriously thought I was going to be messed up for life and Dr. Steve fixed it in two sessions. Amazing!
- Daria Corbett

Dr. Steve is a gifted chiropractor and health professional. With his in-depth knowledge and treatment methods, his calm and caring manner, and his commitment to spending time with a patient, Dr. Steve has helped me heal some chronic pain that I was previously unable to heal. With his help and recommendations for self-care, I am experiencing a more injury- and pain-free body. I'm so glad a friend referred me to Dr. Steve
- Chris R.

Thank you so much for the care you provided to me in the week before the Chicago Marathon. You were gracious to make the time for a new client with such short notice and I was immediately reassured with your service and expertise in the areas of sports therapy, nutrition, and musculoskeletal issues. My husband and I finished the race and I have had NO IT pain, not even a quiver, which is a rarity for me.
I would highly recommend your services to anyone else. Warrenville is lucky to have your prowess and skill in our town.
- Meghan Vosloo

Dr. Steve’s treatments of acupuncture, chiropractic and soft-tissue work have been highly effective to my general health and well being. The treatments have not only brought me relief from pain but a new level of comfort, body awareness including a better ability to listen and pay attention to my body as well as focus on some of the tasks I am working on. Not only do I personally value these benefits, but professionally as a Life Coach and Therapist, I have found remarkable results spilling over into professional life and all as pects of life as a whole. Dr. Steve takes time to hear the details relating to your pain and progress and is supportive in many ways of a patient’s efforts and facilitating their cooperation in the healing and being well processes.
-Phoebe Van Ham

In my opinion, Dr. Steve Yingling is one of the best chiropractic doctors in the area.  I was rear ended in car accident.  My head went forward and then backward.  I could not move my head from side to side.  I felt excruciating pain - until I went to see Dr. Yingling.  After a couple of months of therapy, both chiropractic and acupuncture, I am now as good as new.  From the moment you walk into the office, a friendly smile greets you and listens to your specific situation. Then, the work begins and you are on your way to feeling great.  Thanks Dr. Yingling!!
- Zeina Younan

Dr. Steve saved my track season!  Due to over-training for track and triathlons, I strained the abductors in both my legs.  I could barely walk, let alone run.  After my initial treatment, I was able to walk out of his office way better off than when I walked in.  Dr. Steve had me come back a few days later for a second treatment.  By this time, I was running.  Nothing strenuous but I could go practice.  My third treatment was about 1 1⁄2 weeks later and I was at 100%.  If Dr. Steve had not treated me early on, I know it’s likely I could have been out for several weeks, possibly missing the rest of my track season. 
-Tyler Hansler

At the transition to the new owner of the Quality Life Center, Dr. Steve Yingling came on board with enthusiasm and a high level of technology of Chiropractic medicine.  As a long time patient of the QLC I had always considered the care above and beyond caring.  In a few short visits, I found that same level of caring and quality of treatment that I had been receiving.  Suffering from Fibromyalgia and arthritis requires continual attention to maintain the level of activity I prefer as a “senior”.  I am grateful that Dr. Steve chose to make QLC a welcoming and healing environment for his professional practice of Chiropractic Medicine.
- Grace Dungan

After my appointment with Dr. Steve for Kinesio taping, I woke up Saturday morning and was so excited to share the news. I woke up with a pain free, functional right hand.  That has not happened in a very long time! 
-Diane Barrowman

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